Classic London Front Garden Design

York stone entrance stone and bull nose section at entrance to porch, rendered and painted front garden wall, new Victorian mosaic tile path made with 50mm black and white tiles, new metal gate and side rail in Clapham and Balham London.         Contact anewgarden for more information

Stylish Modern Small London Garden Design

Small London Garden Design.  High impact low maintenance garden, hardwood privacy screens with storage bench, raised rendered benches, travertine paving tiles, formal planting   Modern garden Design ideas London. Create a great view from your back door.   Contact anewgarden for more information                  

Clapham Courtyard Garden

      Wooden privacy trellis screens, artificial easy grass lawn turf, rendered painted walls, courtyard garden Clapham. Softwood decking, rendered painted raised bed walls, painted stone fence, mixed modern planting, Balham London.C Contact anewgarden for more information

Two Modern Garden Designs

Hardwood decking, rendered walls, fences painted white, contemporary planting in this modern garden design in London.   Courtyard Garden with smooth wide hardwood decking planks trellis screen for the top of the wall, walls painted soft blue.   Contact anewgarden for more information

New Front Garden Dulwich London

    New front garden in Dulwich London.  New garden walls with blue black slate paving, metal rails and gate with Victorian mosaic tile path.  Bespoke storage complete the retro chic low maintenance look.     Grey and white Victorian mosaic tile path 70mm middle section with 50mm border.   Rendered and painted walls with metal gate and rail.   Bespoke front garden storage with slate paving Dulwich London. Contact anewgarden for more information.