5 steps to the almost perfect lawn.

5 steps to the almost perfect lawn. While there is no magic pill to achieving a better lawn there are some basic steps you can follow that will go a long way in giving you a lush, healthy lawn you’ll be proud to walk over. Here then are the 5 basic steps to help anyone achieve a beautiful lawn. 1. Get the mowing height right for the right time of year. There’s more to mowing than just cutting the grass every saturday. One of the most fundamental steps to a perfect lawn is getting the mowing height right for your … Continue reading 5 steps to the almost perfect lawn.

Spring Tulips

¬†Spring is nearly upon us ……….¬† Tulips Many of the tulips in the garden date back to the 16th century and include several stars of the period known as Tulip Mania (1634-1637), such as Tulipa semper augustus, reputedly the most expensive tulip of all time. The oldest cultivated bulb in the garden, the short yet vibrant ‘Duc van Tol Red and Yellow’ tulip dates back to 1595 and, with a new cultivar introduced every year, the collection is continuously expanding. Click here to visit our beautiful tulips gallery. You don’t have to go to Holland to appreciate tulips. Do as … Continue reading Spring Tulips