Harwood decking installation London

145mm balau smooth hardwood decking with raised beds made from railway sleepers, buxus hedge and angled steps down to lawn. Contact anewgarden for more information. Continue reading Harwood decking installation London

Makeover London Garden

Trellis screen insets on pergola frame with raised sleeper beds in stone, London Garden. Balau decking, raised rendered beds, privacy screen,s brick edged lawn, with mixed planting, Balham London.  Contact anewgarden for more information Continue reading Makeover London Garden

What to do in the Garden February

What to do now… weekly checklists Job of the week Make a pebble mosaic path Brighten up the journey from one end of your garden to the other with these mosaic stepping stones. They’re easy to make, and great fun for adults and children alike. Make the stepping stones over a weekend so they’ve a couple of days to set before being positioned in the garden. Create a decorative path for your garden Flowers Prune summer-flowering clematis Cut out dead stems of ceratostigma and fuchsias Prune all stems of Hydrangea paniculata Fruit and veg Sprinkle a handful of potash fertiliser … Continue reading What to do in the Garden February

Tips for weeding a garden

Tips for Weeding a Garden Some tips for weeding a garden. Firstly – Is It a Weed? One of the most common questions in gardening is – what is a weed? Well one answer is that a weed is a plant that shouldn’t be there. This may differ from gardener to gardener. In fact, I like to tolerate daisies in my lawn because I think they look attractive. However, to others they may appear weeds. Of course there are some weeds that nobody would want in their garden like bindweed, Japanese knot weed e.t.c Be Thorough. It is tempting to … Continue reading Tips for weeding a garden

5 steps to the almost perfect lawn.

5 steps to the almost perfect lawn. While there is no magic pill to achieving a better lawn there are some basic steps you can follow that will go a long way in giving you a lush, healthy lawn you’ll be proud to walk over. Here then are the 5 basic steps to help anyone achieve a beautiful lawn. 1. Get the mowing height right for the right time of year. There’s more to mowing than just cutting the grass every saturday. One of the most fundamental steps to a perfect lawn is getting the mowing height right for your … Continue reading 5 steps to the almost perfect lawn.