Clapham Courtyard Garden

      Wooden privacy trellis screens, artificial easy grass lawn turf, rendered painted walls, courtyard garden Clapham. Softwood decking, rendered painted raised bed walls, painted stone fence, mixed modern planting, Balham London.C Contact anewgarden for more information Continue reading Clapham Courtyard Garden

Exterior colours for 2011

Oxford Stone No.264 Named after the stone often used in Oxfordshire village houses, this colour is perfect for creating a warmth. Manor House Gray No.265 Inspired by the quintessentially English manor house, this definite grey has its roots in the 18th century but can be used to striking effect in modern schemes. Mizzle No.266 A soft blue grey reminiscent of a West Country evening mist. The blue will become more intense when painted in a smaller spaces. Dove Tale No.267 Named after the well known carpentry joint but with a twist in the tale! Some see this colour as a … Continue reading Exterior colours for 2011