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Deck Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning your deck is a basic maintenance task. Usually performed on an annual routine basis in the Spring or Autumn. It is important to remove any algae ( green ) that may have formed to prevent slipping when wet. There are many different opinions on the best way to perform this task. The usual options are :

Pressure washer

Probably the most common method. However care should be taken when using pressure jet equipment. More powerful machines can cause damage to softwood decking if the pressure is too high. Always try a test area at a low setting first.

Cleaning Solutions

There are several products on the market for cleaning decks. However most contain ordinary bleach. Bleach can damage the fibres in wood ultimately causing a breakdown and an unnatural whitening. We recommend sodium percarbonate sometimes called oxygen bleach. This is a substance similar to washing powder . Mix 8 oz with a gallon of hot water to clean about 10 square metres. Brush over the deck with a broom or use a garden sprayer. Leave for about 15 minutes then scrub and wash off with a hose or pressure washer see. This is a very safe product, gentle with timber and very ‘green’. It is OK with plants but NOT suitable near fish ponds. We can supply this by the kilo.

Deck Oil

Once the deck is clean you have the opportunity to oil the deck. Decking Oil forms a waterproof barrier to protect against weathering, warping, swelling, drying and splitting. The right oils will protect against algae formation too. We can offer clear or coloured versions.

Ant-slip decking oil

Anti-Slip Decking Oil increases the durability of the surface, protects it against mould, algae and fungal attack and reduces the risk of slipping. The surface is water, weathering, and UV resistant. As a top coat it increases the durability of a pigmented first coat.

Available in .75l or 2.5l tins. 

Professional Deck Cleaning

Here at Chelsea Decking we offer a deck cleaning service covering most of London, including Pimlico, Kensington and of course Chelsea. Other areas include Dulwich, Clapham and Fulham.

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