Wooden Outdoor Furniture Designs by Deesawat – Green Wall, Stick Up, Summer Cabana


These wooden outdoor furniture designs from Deesawat . The Green Wall, Stick Up and Summer Cabana will bring serious cool and function to your outdoors, a must for the  summer season.


Green Wall  is a modular wood shelf system that is ideal for displaying your potted plants or climbers Used as a backdrop or as a divider, this shelf system is chic modern and original.


The Stick Up collection is simple yet stylish, taking on branch-like forms to incorporate a rustic yet refined look. The line includes a lampshade, birdhouse, coat hanger, coffee table and a seat and bases of various heights.


A Summer Cabanas these fully flexible, functional and fashionable frames let you choose from two design options: the Summer Bed complete with two beds, cozy cushions and three sectional tables; or the Summer Picnic, which is equipped with a table and two benches.

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