A new garden Islington

An exposed plot in a conservation area the brief was to make a more private garden with good quality materials linking the modern interior space with the exterior.

We used smooth Balau 90mm hardwood decking boards and Sawn Sandstone Paving with White Cement for the main Patio areas.


The garden was also surrounded by a small wall with rails which could not be altered, we created Western Cedar Batten screens and tied them to the rails to create an elegant privacy screen that could be removed if required.

Due to regulations we could not dig into the ground any deeper than 300mm. The solution we found was to use powder coated steel planters to surround the space. we then added mixed planting to soften the hard lines.


Blue/grey cobbles surround the planters to offer contrast.

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Geometric Black and White Victorian Tile Path

Anewgarden specialise in Geometric mosaic tiles, services include hallway restoration, cleaning, re-grouting, sealing, re-installing, replacing missing tiles and lifting old mosaic sections repairing and re-grouting.

Here is an example of an outdoor pathway installation using reproduction  Victorian Black and White tiles.

They also do the Rails, Walls, Black Gloss Planters, Charcoal Limestone Paving with White Grout.  Classic Front Garden London.





Here is a list of other services covered by the company,Victorian tile – hallways, pathways- restoration, repair, installation. Victorian style tiling -original Victorian tile, Minton tile, reproduction Winckelmans tile, reclaimed tile. Mosaic floor cleaning, sealing and repairs. Victorian style reproduction path, hall tile. Mosaic floor tile cleaning, sealing, repairs. Victorian mosaic cleaning products and sealers. London Victorian mosaic restoration . Victorian, Edwardian, period properties – restoration, maintenance


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Modern Garden Lighting

Modern lights

2010 Christmas Decor - Havaleena Modern Cordless LED display by Tayo Design StudioTayo Design Studio has designed Havaleena Lights. LED Bouquet battery powered. Choice of colours.


LED Swinging Lightpole 4watt LED various colours from IFF Germany.


Snake is a luminous modular white polyethylene curved bench. Great feature, affordable cutting edge design, win.

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What to do in the Garden February

What to do now… weekly checklists

Pebble mosaic path

Job of the week

Make a pebble mosaic path

Brighten up the journey from one end of your garden to the other with these mosaic stepping stones. They’re easy to make, and great fun for adults and children alike. Make the stepping stones over a weekend so they’ve a couple of days to set before being positioned in the garden.


Pruning clematis

  • Prune summer-flowering clematis
  • Cut out dead stems of ceratostigma and fuchsias
  • Prune all stems of Hydrangea paniculata

Fruit and veg

Feeding apple tree

  • Sprinkle a handful of potash fertiliser around fruit trees
  • Plant new raspberry canes and blackberry plants
  • Prepare beds to plant asparagus


Pressure washing greenhouse

  • Empty your greenhouse and thoroughly clean inside
  • Cut back overwintered fuchsias
  • Sow summer bedding plants

Around the garden

Spreading manure onto borders

  • Spread a layer of manure or compost around shrubs
  • Prepare areas for laying new lawns in spring
  • Be on the look out for slugs and snails

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Chelsea Flower Show anewgarden category unveiled

Chelsea small gardens unveiled

Anewgarden category joins 15 small gardens to inspire and delight visitors at the 2011 RHS Chelsea Flower Show, sponsored by M&G Investments.The Artisan Garden category – where designers are asked to use natural, sustainably resourced materials in an artistic manner, is new for 2011. The Urban Gardens return to the show with designers finding clever solutions for small outdoor spaces ranging from gardens to sunken basements.RHS Head of Show Development Bob Sweet said: “We are excited about the new introduction of artisan gardens, which, combined with urban gardens at Chelsea will ensure that visitors will see some incredible designs highlighting innovation, creativity and sustainability.”Buy tickets for Chelsea 2011

Anewgarden category Artisan Gardens replaces Court Yards

dailytelegraphmain_lw-anewgarden.jpgThe Basildon Bond Garden, by Hamelin Paper Brands Ltd, pays homage to the birth place of Basildon Bond, Apsley Mill, using reclaimed bricks to represent the mill structure with a water feature that provides sound and movement. Blue is a strong colour theme so grasses and Iris will feature as well as a post box. This garden is designed by the runner up in the RHS National Young Designer of the Year 2010, William Quarmby, held at the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park.A Child’s Garden in Wales, by Anthea Guthrie Garden Design, along with children from special needs schools Heronsbridge and Ysgol Bryn Castell, features a typical Welsh Valley garden set just after the war in the late 1940s with a ‘make do and mend’ theme.A Postcard from Wales, by Kati Crome and Maggie Hughes, is inspired by Dylan Thomas’ hometown Laugharne. The garden has a driftwood timber fence and gate and features fruit trees, common salt marsh plants and self seeded shrubs and small trees. Pathways will be in Welsh slate slabs with cockleshell edging.A Literary Garden, by Martin Cook and Bonnie Davies, is a ‘poet’s retreat’ – featuring overgrown blue, mauve, pink and white plantings and verses from poems carved into various features within the garden provoking thought and reflection.The Hae-Woo-So (Emptying One’s Mind: Traditional Korean Toilet), by Jihae Hwang, is a conceptual garden featuring a toilet and is also a place where one can free the mind. The main plants are composed of wild flowers and grass with Hedera which cleans the air and promotes sustainability of the garden micro-organisms.Fever-Tree’s Tree House Garden, designed by Stephen Hall for Fever-Tree Drinks, is a theatrical, playful garden inspired by plants that have been used to naturally treat fever, including quinine. Built entirely from recycled, found, borrowed and reclaimed materials the garden with its quirky tree house demonstrates an interesting garden on a small budget is possible.Following on from the success of their Rhubarb Crumble and Custard garden at Chelsea 2010, which won the People’s Choice award; the Welcome to Yorkshire Garden by Gillespies LLP is set to once again thrill with an exciting design for 2011.

Urban Gardens

kate-gould-garden-anewgarden.jpgAcross the Pond, by Adam Frost Design, is a garden inspired by architect Frank Lloyd Wright and includes some of his well known principles, including innovative use of concrete and the balance of nature with manmade materials.The Ace of Clubs, by Domoney Ltd, features a flamboyant garden reminiscent of a night club VIP room with relaxation couches, artwork on walls and bold planting schemes plus sound system and outdoor lasers!Stockton Drilling, by Gardeners’ Boutique, is an urban garden converted from industrial buildings. It features recycled wood planks and wind turbines and galvanized containers to collect rain water.The Chilstone Garden, by Heather Appleton, has been designed with the workaholic urbanite in mind and is a relaxing fun space in which to unwind. It features a mock window to deceptively expand the garden space and a grown up paddling pool.The Power of Nature, by KKE Architects Ltd, represents the four elements of earth, air, fire and water which are used to store and release solar energy. The garden illustrates nature providing renewable energy to be captured to heat our homes.The RNIB Garden, by Paul Hervey-Brookes, is part of a larger recreational garden being created as part of a new children’s residential home and school being built by the Royal National Institute for the Blind in Coventry. Planting incorporates flower colours in shades that are easy for visually impaired users to identify.The Magistrate’s Garden, by Kate Gould, represents the longevity of the magistrates since 1361 offering a welcoming and safe space for calm contemplation. Two contemporary bench seats face each other across the water feature.The Doncaster Deaf Trust Garden, by Graham Bodle, is designed for students and tutors at the Doncaster Deaf School and has two separate seating areas facing each other making sign language possible. A textured sculpture, running water, fruits and plants will feature.RHS Chelsea Flower Show takes place in the grounds of the Royal Hospital, from Tuesday May 24 -Saturday May 28 2011.

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Privacy Screens by anewgarden

Elegant boundary markers, an architectural feature to enhance the seclusion and privacy of your garden. Privacy screens come in many styles and materials, from Balau hardwood  through to Red Cedar battens and boards, and because the are bespoke we can make them to any shape, size or specification, here are some examples


Cedar Batten Screen


Balau Hardwood Board Screen


Pine Slated Screens

anewgarden pine batten privacy-screen.JPG

Superior Pine Batten Screen

anewgarden slated-timber-panel-chelsea-decking.jpg

White Pine Batten Screen

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A New Garden

Rendered concrete block walls painted chalk,  Dove grey Riven Sandstone paving, raised beds with hardwood caps, floating balau hardwood bench, stainless steel up and down wall lights, bamboo, phormium and mixed contemporary planting complete the scheme. Garden in Denmark Hill SE5 London




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Bubble Swing

The Bubble Swing is the ultimate tree accessory for anyone wishing to float away in the privacy of their own garden.  One of the more recent designs, it fuses a modern eclectic circular design with delicate stainless steel metal work. Can you imagine clambering into your own private bubble?

Myburgh / Designs - The Bubble Swing

Stephen Myburgh

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Climbing Boulders & Highland Ball

Climbing Boulders

 Climbing boulders in sprayed and carved  concrete

An unlimited variety of dramatic and highly realistic, three dimensional forms can be created using this system. The durability of the concrete material together with the aesthetic appearance of these structures is particularly suited for use in an outdoor environment.Rockworks unique construction technique is based on the initial carving of an inner base shape that is carefully transcribed from a scale model. At this stage any final adjustments can be made before the final concrete applicationLayers of steel mesh are then formed over the base shape and additional elements such as natural rock holds can be fixed at this stage. Sprayed concrete is then applied to the structure and hand carved by an expert team of climbers and sculptors to create the fine details of the climbing surface.The climbing boulders are fitted with an appropriate safety surface surround and provide an open access facility designed to appeal to both novice and expert climbers.Great fun for kids.

Climbing Boulder

Sculpture Highland Ball This is a sculpural ball at Knockan Crag by Joe Smith

sculpture at Knochan Crag

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London Garden Maintenance 10 Plants for Spring

10 Great Plants for Spring 

1 Pulmonaria ‘Diana Clare’Long, silvered leaves with an apple-green cast flatter deep violet flowers, making this pulmonaria perhaps the best of all. Part shade (30cm/2ft).

  Diane Clare

2  Epimedium x versicolor ‘Sulphureum’Graceful wiry stems with two-tone yellow flowers above heart-shaped, shiny green leaves. A toughie. Part shade (30cm/2ft).

3  Erysimum ‘Bowles’ Mauve’ In flower from spring until late autumn, this bushy wallflower produces sprays of purple flowers above grey-green foliage. Sun and good drainage (75cm/2.5ft).

 Thumbnail 1

4  Dryopteris wallichiana Black bristly hairs contrast against bright green fronds when this handsome upright fern unfurls its croziers in late April. Good soil, shade (1.2 m/4ft).

5 Scilla siberica ‘Spring Beauty’Easy, deep blue, diminutive bulb to drift through paler spring bulbs, whether miniature narcissi or erythroniums. Semi-shade (15cm/6in).

Scilla siberica 'spring beauty'

6 Cyclamen coumJaunty swept-back flower with a magenta nose. Grow in full sun or under trees and allow to self-seed. Good drainage (10cm/4in).7 Clematis macropetalaLet it scramble over a wall and, given time, it produces ragged, soft-petalled flowers with cool green middles. Good drainage (3m/10ft).

Clematis Clematis macropetala , photo by Marcus Harpur ,GAP Photos

8  Viburnum x burkwoodii ‘Park Farm Hybrid’Early spicy, sweet fragrance as deep pink buds open to apple-white flowers that show up well against the shiny green leaves. Easy (3m/10ft).9  Crocus chrysanthus ‘Blue Pearl’For early spring sparkle, this delicate silver-blue crocus shimmers in spring sunshine and complements yellows, oranges and purples. Full sun (7cm/3in).10 Narcissus ‘Jetfire’This vivid yellow-petalled cyclamineus hybrid develops a bright orange trumpet, so makes a great impact. Easy anywhere (24cm/9in).These and many other plants can be supplied by London garden Maintenance .

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