What to do in the Garden February

What to do now… weekly checklists

Pebble mosaic path

Job of the week

Make a pebble mosaic path

Brighten up the journey from one end of your garden to the other with these mosaic stepping stones. They’re easy to make, and great fun for adults and children alike. Make the stepping stones over a weekend so they’ve a couple of days to set before being positioned in the garden.


Pruning clematis

  • Prune summer-flowering clematis
  • Cut out dead stems of ceratostigma and fuchsias
  • Prune all stems of Hydrangea paniculata

Fruit and veg

Feeding apple tree

  • Sprinkle a handful of potash fertiliser around fruit trees
  • Plant new raspberry canes and blackberry plants
  • Prepare beds to plant asparagus


Pressure washing greenhouse

  • Empty your greenhouse and thoroughly clean inside
  • Cut back overwintered fuchsias
  • Sow summer bedding plants

Around the garden

Spreading manure onto borders

  • Spread a layer of manure or compost around shrubs
  • Prepare areas for laying new lawns in spring
  • Be on the look out for slugs and snails

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