Climbing Boulders & Highland Ball

Climbing Boulders

 Climbing boulders in sprayed and carved  concrete

An unlimited variety of dramatic and highly realistic, three dimensional forms can be created using this system. The durability of the concrete material together with the aesthetic appearance of these structures is particularly suited for use in an outdoor environment.Rockworks unique construction technique is based on the initial carving of an inner base shape that is carefully transcribed from a scale model. At this stage any final adjustments can be made before the final concrete applicationLayers of steel mesh are then formed over the base shape and additional elements such as natural rock holds can be fixed at this stage. Sprayed concrete is then applied to the structure and hand carved by an expert team of climbers and sculptors to create the fine details of the climbing surface.The climbing boulders are fitted with an appropriate safety surface surround and provide an open access facility designed to appeal to both novice and expert climbers.Great fun for kids.

Climbing Boulder

Sculpture Highland Ball This is a sculpural ball at Knockan Crag by Joe Smith

sculpture at Knochan Crag

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